Dear group trainer

I'm Leon, a British Commando turned group fitness trainer and creator of The Ultimate Bootcamp Ideas Bundle. 

The Ultimate Bootcamp Ideas Bundle is a workout builder containing over 2000 fun Bootcamp ideas that you can mix & match to plan fantastic group workouts. 

Paul Davis, who runs a successful group training business in the UK, said.

"Leon, I have never seen so many creative ideas in one place. I love that I can dive in and plan a fun workout in just a few minutes. It's a huge time saver. Thank you!"

Paul Davis
Military Bootcamp UK
Create Over 5-Million Unique Group Workouts Without Wasting Time Or Stressing Out.
Here's How How It Workouts

We have created a simple 3-step system that lets any group trainer plan fun and effective group workouts. Lightning FAST! 

Step 1: Choose A Fun Warm-Up
A fun warm-up creates a lively atmosphere and sets the tone for a fantastic workout. Choose from hundreds of fun warm-up drills that will add a new level of enjoyment to your classes. Value: $240

Step 2: Choose A Main Component
Creating a fun workout for the main part of your class can be challenging, especially if you take lots of classes each week. Choose from hundreds of incredible challenges that you can switch up by adding your favourite exercises. 
Value: $480

Step 3: Choose A Fun Finisher
Finishing your workout with something memorable encourages clients to spread the word about how fun your classes are. With hundreds of exciting drills, you can finish every session on a happy note. Value: $180 

Step 4: And Relax

Churning out consistently enjoyable workouts is the best way to keep your clients hooked on your classes. With this incredible collection of awesome manuals, you can do it without breaking a sweat. 

Special Features

Flexible Designs 

You can programme all of our workouts with bodyweight exercises, equipment based or a combination of both. This means you can turn any workout into a lower-body challenge, core, upper, cardio, full-body or a unique combination like core and upper. That's thousands of possible workouts at your fingertips. 

Time-Based Workouts

Creating workouts that equally challenge all ability levels can be difficult, which is why our workouts are primarily time-based. With each workout, players can work at an intensity that is perfect for them, and everyone finishes together. 


There's a reason Netflix has the highest retention out of any streaming service. Variety! Having the variety to keep your classes fresh and fun can boost retention significantly and enhance your reputation as a top trainer. 

New Skills

The Ultimate Bootcamp Ideas Bundle is a learning experience designed to turn YOU into a better trainer. You'll learn more about how to craft stunning group workouts in just 10% of this bundle than you have in every group fitness certification you have ever taken. That is a guarantee or your money back.     

What Trainers Are Saying...

My clients are starting to bring referrals to class...

"Ever since I have started incorporating your workouts, my Bootcamp has been lifted to the next level! My clients are starting to bring referrals to class and I'm loving it!"

Laura Detmar
I am beautiful bootcamp, San Diego

My members have doubled...

“Since using this awesome system to plan amazing classes, my members have doubled through referrals, and there has been a fresh buzz in the air!”

Alison Marron
B-Fit Bootcamp UK

It allowed me to claim back some crucial family time...

"This system has been a game changer for me! Great, creative and fun workouts - a life saver really. Planning my week in advance (which takes around 30-minutes using the workout builder) has allowed me to claim back some crucial family time."

Tina Fritsch
Fit By Design AUS

Taken my Bootcamp to another level...

"These creative ideas have taken my Bootcamp to another level this year, and it wouldn’t have been possible without you. Every month I am amazed at what new, and wonderful things are posted in the member section."

Tina Fritsch
Fit By Design AUS

30 Hours a month planning down to 3

"Your workout system is amazing. Suddenly I have a lot more time on my hands. 30 hours a month planning down to 3. What I love most is that I can plan a brilliant session in 5 minutes and my clients keep commenting on how much they love the different stuff we do each session".

Vito Marcinkevicius
Weights for Soul Bootcamp - UK
Now Its Your Turn To Harness The Power Of This Ultra Time Saving Workout Builder
Instead of wasting the best part of your week, thinking, planning and searching for workouts. You can now channel all of that time and energy into something much more productive, like working on your business or making time for YOUR fitness.

During this special 3-day introductory offer, you can purchase the Ultimate Bootcamp Ideas Bundle for just $1294 and $97, and you'll never be stuck for fun workouts ever again. 

Limited Time MEGA Bonuses: 

When you purchase the Ultimate Bootcamp Ideas Bundle before the timer hits zero, I'm going to throw in some of my best-selling products and courses that sell right now for a combined $394!

Bonus 1: Ninja Card System. My wildly popular Ninja Card System is a 12-module video training course where you'll learn 12 super fun workout formats based around a deck of cards. You can create hundreds of different workouts with each design by slotting in your favourite exercises (value $97). 

Bonus 2: Bootcamp Ideas Mini Course. In this unique video training course, you'll learn my top ten group fitness challenges, and how to create hundreds of different workouts based on the type of class you want to run.  (value $47).

Bonus 3: Bootcamp Olympics. Bring the Olympics to your Bootcamp with these fun team-building workouts. They require zero equipment, they are easy to explain, and they're loads of fun. You can use these creative challenges year-round, not just for the Olympics (value: $27).

Bonus 4: 12x 30-Day Challenges. Fun 30-day challenges are a fantastic way to keep your clients engaged. This incredible mega bundle gives you an entire year's worth of fun 30-day challenges, so you can add more variety to your training programme. These challenges are perfect for online trainers, bootcamps and PT (Value $97).

Bonus 5: Brand new release Circuit training secrets volume 5. This is my latest release and I'm giving it to you for free. Volumes 1, 2, 3 & 4 are above. (Value $29).


UBW 2.0: This is the very first product that I created for group trainers almost 8 years ago. These are the same ideas that took my Bootcamp from 0-120 members. I have sold over 10,000 copies at $97 worldwide. Yours FREE! 

Here's Everything You Get

1. Team Game Secrets Vol 1 (value $29)

2. Team Game Secrets Vol 2 (value $29)

3. Team Game Secrets Vol 3 (value $29)

4. Team Game Secrets Vol 4 (value $29)

5. Team Game Secrets Vol 5 (value $29)

6. Team Game Secrets Vol 6 (value $29)

7. Rocket Ball (value $19)

8. Fun Warm-Up Games (value 29)

9. Creative Bootcamp Idea Vol 1 (value $29)

10. Creative Bootcamp Idea Vol 2 (value $29)

11. Creative Bootcamp Idea Vol 3 (value $29)

12. Creative Bootcamp Idea Vol 4 (value $29)

13. Indoor Challenges Vol 1 (value $29)

14. Indoor Challenges Vol 2 (value $29)

15. Indoor Challenges Vol 3 (value $29)

16. Indoor Challenges Vol 4 (value $29)

17. Indoor Challenges Vol 2 (value $29)

18. Ultimate Hero Fun Challenges (value $29)

19. Ultimate Hero Video Library (value $29)

20. Ultimate Hero Vol 1 (value $29)

21. Ultimate Hero Vol 2 (value $29)

22. E3MOM (value $29)

23. Ultimate Swipe File (value $49)

24. Ninja Templates ((value $29)

25. One Cone Workouts (value $29)

26. Kick-Ass RPS Champion (value $29)
27. Kick-Ass Ninja Dice (value $29)
28. Kick-Ass Ninja Cards (value $29)
29. Kick-Ass Ninja Coins (value $29)
30. Kick-Ass Music Drills Vol 1 (value $29)
31. Kick-Ass Music Drills Vol 2 (value $29)
32. Kick-Ass Music Templates Vol 1 (value $29)
33. Kick-Ass Music Templates Vol 2 (value $29)
34. Circuit Training Secrets Vol 1 (value $29)
35. Circuit Training Secrets Vol 2 (value $29)
36. Circuit Training Secrets Vol 3 (value $29)
37. Circuit Training Secrets Vol 4 (value $29)
38. Circuit Training Secrets Vol 5 (value $29)
39. Bootcamp Ideas Mini Course
40. Bootcamp Olympics 
41. Ninja Card System
42. 12x 30-day challenges
43. Sledge Hammer workouts
44. Fun Team Challenges 
45. Circuit Training 
46. Team Games
47. Partner challenges
48. Individual Challenges
49. Small Team Challenges
50. Kick-Ass Finishers
51. Fitness Tests 
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Ultimate Bootcamp Ideas Bundle$97

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Done for you 30 day clean eating course.
This is my best-selling and fully rebrandable clean eating course that will teach your clients how to eat clean for life, so they get better results from your training programme.

I created this course when I qualified as a diet and nutrition advisor. Each daily lesson covers a different area of diet and nutrition, so your clients learn in bite-size chunks.

What's more, you can put your name as the author and either sell it to your clients or give it away to increase the value of your fitness membership. 

This course would cost you around $2000 to be created, and today you can get it at a fraction of that.

  • Total payment
  • 1xUltimate Bootcamp Ideas Bundle$97

All prices in USD

  • Who can use these workouts?
    Outdoor group trainers and indoor group trainers. Many of the drills can also be used and adapted for 1-1 PT and small studio owners.
  • Are these workouts suitable for a mixed ability?
    Yes! Our workouts, drills and challenges are mostly time-based. This allows each player to work at an intensity that suits their ability level. Plus, everybody finishes at the same time, which is awesome. 
  • Can I use my own exercises?
    Yes! Each workout has been designed in a simple template format, so you can slot in your favourite exercises be that bodyweight, equipment based or a combination of both.

    This ingenious feature allows you to plan wickedly-effective workouts for mixed ability groups, and in a fraction of the time it would normally take you.
  • I have a question
    Awesome. Please shoot me an email at and I'll get back to you asap!
After leaving the British Military, Leon ran a successful UK-based Bootcamp operating in multiple locations in the South of England. 

His unique approach of creating result-focused workouts that are cleverly disguised as fun allowed Leon to grow his Bootcamp to over 200 members and secure a 4-year corporate team-building gig at world-renowned Wriggly's, the world's largest manufacturer of chewing gum.    

After eight years as a Marine and five years as a Bootcamp trainer, Leon sold his business and moved to Spain so he could focus on his online fitness business. And that's where he met Sophie at the local jet wash. 

The story goes that Leon couldn't read the instructions in Spanish, so Sophie took over and washed his car for him. The rest, as they say, is history. 
Leon and Sophie have two beautiful girls (Alba and Lili) who were born in Spain and now attend Spanish school. 

Leon is also the author of over 30 successful Bootcamp manuals and the CEO of Train The Trainer and the Workout Design Club, two online programmes that help trainers with workouts and fitness. 

When he's not creating workout programmes for awesome trainers like you, Leon spends his time adventuring with his family.
Leons qualifications Include
British Commando Green Beret 
Advanced Bootcamp Instructor 
Advanced Personal Trainer 
Metabolic Training Instructor
Kettlebell Instructor 
Core And Functional Fitness  
Steal Mace Mastery

Leon Melnicenko
Tel: +34 605478634